Michael Jordan donates $100 million to fight for racial equality

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On Friday Michael Jordan announced that he will donate $100 million to organizations dedicated to ensuring racial equality, social justice, and greater access to education. The basketball legend will be making a $100 million donation over the next 10 years, with the help of his Jordan Brand.

Michael Jordan has been well-known for avoiding politics throughout his NBA career as both a player and an owner, so the fact that MJ is expressing his thoughts on the recent events is certainly a welcome change.

Michael Jordan donates $100 million

The Hall of Famer released a statement this past Sunday, saying that he was “deeply saddened, truly pained and plain angry” and that he has “had enough” of the “ingrained racism” in the United States.

Jordan Brand is more than one man. It has always been a family. We represent a proud family that has overcome obstacles, fought against discrimination in communities worldwide and that works every day to erase the stain of racism and the damage of injustice.

The will, the work, the excellence the world has come to know is the result of one generation after the another, pouring their dreams into the next.

Its 2020, and our family now includes anyone who aspires to out way of life. Yet as much as thing have changed, the worst remains the same.

Black lives matter. This isn’t a controversial statement. Until the ingrained racism that allows our country’s institutions to fail is completely eradicated, we will remain committed to protecting and improving the lives of Black people.”

Michael Jordan & The Jordan Brand on Twitter

Dak Prescott donates for the fight against systematic racism.

This is not the first time Jordan has made these kinds of donations and he is not the first American athlete, who has donated for the fight against racism either.

For example, NFL player Dak Prescott announced a donation of $1 million to educate police officers in the US, in the hope to ban “systematic racism”.

Besides him there have been many more who have made donation. Just to name a few:

  • P.K. Subban, NHL donated $100k to fund George Floyd’s daughter.
  • John Cena, wrestler and actor donates $1 million
  • Braden Holtby and his wife Gabi, Washington Capitals goalie donate $5,000 to Black Lives Matter DC and the Leadership Conference each. With a total of $10k in donations.

Of course it’s not only the athletes, also a lot of celebs have donated. But let’s keep it with the athletes for now.


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