COVID-19: Sudden jump in infection count as France reopens

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Just an hour after France’s prime minister announced the national reopening plan, France’s national health agency reported a sudden jump in new virus infections.

The surprising new figures were the result of a new counting method implemented by the agency. Which did not have anything to do with the much-feared resurge in infections.

As an aside, they criticized the government’s anti-crisis procedure and reminded people that infections are still continuing and that this was still one of the countries that were hit hardest by the pandemic.

According to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe the virus is in the range they had hoped for, therefore most businesses such as restaurants, museums and parks could reopen next week. Even though France is on the right track as planned it’s not yet possible to go back to the old normal.

Since the government started easing the confinement measures on May 11, statistics show that 96 virus clusters have emerged around France. These clusters primarily represent medical facilities, businesses, and shelters. The number of virus patients in intensive care is dropping every day, this is a good indication that COVID-19 is receding in France.

But the public health agency DGS quietly released figures showing a rise of more than 3,000 new infections from the day before – the biggest such jump in more than three weeks.

Fortunately, the DGS clarified by informing that the new cases included positive tests registered under a new and more exhaustive counting system put in place May 13. They comforted that it did not represent a single-day rise and insisted that there are no signs of a return of the epidemic.

France has confirmed more thant 150,000 cases so far, but acknowledges that the real numbers might be higher because of the limited testing. Earlier on in the pandemic the French government was criticized for not testing widely enough. At the moment they’re testing more than 200,000 people a week.

Same as the number of cases, death figures are also hard to pin down, since deaths might have been due to other side effects or other root causes. Since May the overall deaths in France is down with 6%.

Referenced from: Associated Press

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